Samples of satisfied customers from Conwood Music Publishing, Inc.

Sammy Nestico (USA), Arranger & Composer

peter-schueller-sammy-nesticoSammy Nestico with Peter Schueller

It is a pleasure to write this letter in support of the arranger/composer Peter Schueller. It has been my privilege to have known this outstanding musician since 2002. Through his hard work, talent and devotion, Peter was able to develop his own music publishing company. Recently he was tasked with writing an orchestration of the song "That's the world we love" for the winner of "Holland's got Talent 2010" TV show, for Martin Hurkens. This arrangement has already received critical claim. Peter, your arrangements are great. The range for all instruments are beautiful and it sounds excellent. With much admiration and respect to my gifted colleague and friend, good luck!


Prof. Jiggs Whigham (USA), Trombone, Leader BBC Big Band London

Dear Peter: Your arrangement of "When I fall in Love", featuring trombone Solo and Concert Band, which I played in Mai 2011 as Solo Trombonist with the Landesblasorchester NRW (Germany), is outstanding. The woodwinds and brass sections sound excellent! It is fun to play...and it is playable from middle level upwards! I personally find this arrangement has turned out very well. I hope to be able to play it often!
Many thanks for the excellent work. Congratulations! Your fan! 
Jiggs Whigham

Guido Dieteren (NL), Musical Director

I'm Guido Dieteren, the CEO, Musical Director and founder of "Guido's Orchestra". Recently I had the opportunity to work with Peter Schueller.
As an orchestra leader I had also the opportunity to work with worldstars as Lionel Richie, Diana Ross, Andrea Bocelli and André Rieu and also with hundreds of professional music arrangers in the international music industry. To see real gifted talents, is rarely.
Peter is such a gifted professional colleague and his compositions and arrangements are first class.

Anthony Kropivšek, Conductor, Arranger, Composer

Peter Schueller is an excellent musician. He is a professional trombone player, arranger of many classical works, but also of many jazz pieces and a very nice and sympathetic guy. He wrote a beautiful arrangement of one of my songs "That’s the world we love" for Martin Hurkens – winner of the dutch TV show "HOLLAND'S GOT TALENT 2010" – which is performed by the well known pop-jazz orchestra "Guido's Orchestra". Also he wrote excellent arrangements for the "Philips Symphonic Band Eindhoven" including a fantastic version of "Symphony No. 3" - Organ Symphony by Camille Saint-Saens. Working with Peter gives you much satisfaction and a good feeling of friendship.

Martin Hurkens (NL), Singer

My name is Martin Hurkens and I'm a professional tenor singer from netherland. I participated in a TV show called "HOLLAND'S GOT TALENT" and in 2010 I became the winner of this show. Peter wrote a fantastic arrangement of the song "That's the world we love" and I am very proud that this beautiful arrangement will appear on my new album, released in the end of November 2012. Working with Peter showed his great professional drive and he is a very nice man to work with.

RenoldQuade (D), Conductor Landesblasorchester NRW:

Dear Peter, thank you so much for the arrangement of "When I Fall in Love"for the Landesblasorchester NRW. The instrumentation, the harmonies, the balance - it sounds as if it had been originally written for big band and solo trombone. The needs of our orchestra are optimally implemented and we all have great fun making music. We look forward to more creative ideas from you.

Riccardo Mancini (ITA), Singer and Entertainer

My Experiences with Peter are great. He is an outstanding musician with very high qualities in arranging, composing and conducting. His arrangements and compositions he wrote for my projects/shows sound excellent. With all my best wishes for Peter, Riccardo Mancini

Jan Theelen (NL), Arranger, Composer, Studio

With much pleasure I have seen and heard your scores and I must pay you a great compliment on your orchestration. I wish you every success and I'm sure you'll have it.

Walter Hennecken (D), Arranger & Composer

The arrangements of Peter Schüller are perfectly made, characterized by good taste and are likely to arouse the musicians’ enthusiasm. They are individually tailored to different musical needs and levels (from amateurs to professionals), so they always meet the highest arrangement demands: They sound just great! Chapeau!

Marc Huynen (NL),Trumpet, Freelancer, Mo Jones Big Band, Glenn Miller Orchestra

It's always fun to play Peter’s arrangements. There are no question marks at the rehearsal, the sentences sound good and jazzy, phrasing and accents are clear. One can immediately start making music and it sounds like it should sound! Lovely!

Walter Link (D), Conductor, former Lead Trumpeter Bundeswehr Big Band

Many thanks for two excellent arrangements. They sound fantastic, the phrasing is very good as always, my musicians and I were thrilled. They are very well received also by the audience. Concerning your arrangements I can say: turn on, play, have fun.

Christoph Harpers (D), Dirigent Jass Concert Band

Lieber Peter, vielen lieben Dank für all die fantastischen Arrangements, die ich mittlerweile bei meinen Orchestern aufgelegt und aufgeführt habe. Ich bin froh, dass es mit Conwood Music Publishing endlich einen Verlag gibt, der auch auf die Bedürfnisse einer modern eingestellten Concert Band eingeht und hervorragende Arrangements für diese Besetzung auf den Markt bringt. Die Arrangements sind in Bezug auf Rhythmisierung, Instrumentation, Balance und Harmonik ganz hervorragend und darüber hinaus bieten sie auch noch ein exzellentes Druckbild. Ich freue mich schon jetzt auf viele weitere Werke bei Conwood Music Publishing und bin mir sicher, dass sich diese Qualität durchsetzen wird.

Bernd Classen Music Edition (D), Publisher

Peter Schüller’s arrangements that I offer up to now in my publishing house are of very high quality and all customers are extremely satisfied and ask for further arrangements from his pen.

David Nasskau (GB), Oboe

After 40 years experience as an Oboe player in different Orchestras which 21 years were together with you, as a brilliant Trombone player and Arranger. I would just like to say that over the years I have played many different Arrangements but none have, even to this day, your kind of quality and I think that I can really say that your Arrangements swing, your Harmonies sing, and are all of such an excellent quality that puts you in a position of “The Few”! Carry on the excellent work, which gives the upmost pleasure to so many.

Josef Strick (D), Trombonist & Conductor

Since we play Peter Schüller’s arrangements (which are specially written for us) at the Musikverein Arloff/Kirspenich, the level of our annual celebration has increased so much. All musicians and listeners are thrilled and look forward to playing and hearing many of his arrangements.

Trachtenkapelle Hesslar (D)

Sehr geehrter Herr Schüller, herzlichen Dank für das speziell für uns geschriebene Arrangement (Medley). Die Musiker waren von der Orchestrierung sehr begeistert, die Wünsche sowie Bedürfnisse unseres Orchesters sind optimal umgesetzt worden. Die Resonanz beim Publikum ist ebenso groß. Es macht einfach Spaß, mit diesem gut klingenden Werk zu arbeiten beziehungsweise zu spielen. Auf weitere  GUTE  Zusammenarbeit und noch viele gute Arrangements.

Viele Grüße aus Franken

Ihr Christian Schreck

Clemens Pueplichuisen, workshop participant Kleve (D) 2010

Thank you for leading our workshop. The participants are excited about your way of conveying the music to them. They particularly liked that they could ask questions about your arrangements and that you explained why you wrote some passages this way and not differently. This insight into your work all liked very much.Your way of editing musical works, especially for the possibilities of today's brass bands, and also the addition of instruments which are quite unusual in the brass section such like keyboard, electric bass, electric guitar, gave participants the opportunity to look, to listen and to go over their used (musical) horizons. I'm looking forward to more interesting works from you.