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Product information "ROCK LEGENDS LIVE"


"Beautiful vocals, an outstanding orchestra and an optical firework made this premiere night to a experience" - Westfaelische Nachrichten 10.10.2011 (german newspaper)

"A rousing three-hour music show with persuasive interpreter [...] A fantastic stage design with impressive light effects [...] In their enthusiasm, it no longer held the visitors on the chairs." - Muensterland newspaper 09.10.2011

The numbers and reviews make it clear why we have our unique show perpetuated by rock legends such as "Queen", "Toto" and "The Beatles". The musical highlights of the concerts you can listen and see again now!


6 sold-out concerts
3.600 enthusiastic visitors
2 years preparation time
65 talented musicians
10 unique singer
12 energetic dancers
34 professional arrangements

01. Overture

Dauer: 07:43 

02. I Don't Know How to Love Him

Dauer: 04:19 

03. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Dauer: 03:20 

04. I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Dauer: 03:23 

05. Something

Dauer: 04:04 

06. Evita #1

Dauer: 07:34 

07. Evita #2

Dauer: 07:59 

08. Rosanna

Dauer: 05:29 

09. Here Comes the Sun

Dauer: 03:16 

10. Beatles Medley

Dauer: 07:38 

11. Bohemian Rhapsody

Dauer: 06:08 

12. Fool on the Hill

Dauer: 07:37 

13. Get Back

Dauer: 03:05 

14. Radio Gaga

Dauer: 07:29 



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