Lasting one or more days, our "play modern music workshops” are individually with your band or your orchestra and we focus only on your personal objectives. In the case of sample arrangements from the publisher’s stock, or arrangements individually written for you, we discuss and develop interrelations and possibilities for improvement. Emphasis will be set on phrasing and articulation, blending, ear training and jazz chords, timing and interaction, all tailored to your personal wishes. As result of the workshop you will improve the "modern performance" of your orchestra or band, increase the climate and ambiance within the group and thus, inspire "your" audience.


The effort and associated costs for commissions and workshops are individual. I cordially invite you to contact me; we can then discuss details and share relevant information. Based on our conversation I can submit a non-binding quotation.


Phrasing and articulation:

Basics of jazz phrasing and articulation are clarified by using short examples, such as: articulation marks, down & off beat’s, melody & phrasing slur, phrasing, and "feeling" of rock & swing music as well as discussions with the section leaders concerning their parts in the scores.


Developing a good balance within (Lead/2./3./4.) and between the different sections (W.W. / Saxes / Trpts. / T-bones / Rhythm)

Aural training and jazz-chords:

Different, light jazz chords will be explained, built up gradually in various sections and then played together.

Timing and interaction:

Based on the arrangements timing, interaction and all important elements for the orchestra will be explained and developed steadily throughout the workshop.